52/52: Finished! Kinda.

My year is up. I made it through 28 books with some surprisibg wins and some real duds. More than anything I love that reading is a part of my daily life again. Happy reading!


52/52: Quiet

I was really excited to read Quiet after seeing numerous recommendations online. Honestly, I thought it was awful. Badly written, more self-help than science, and far too long for the lack of substance.

On to better books! 🙂

52/52: Son

The final book in “The Giver” series. It was darker and failed to answer a question I’ve had since reading “The Giver,” but still enjoyable. Also finished in less than 24 hours.

52/52: The Graduate

Neither Jon nor I have ever seen “The Graduate” so we rented it this weekend. I was surprised to find out the movie was based a book so I used Christmas iTunes money to purchase it. I’m glad I saw it and read the book from a cultural standpoint, but I don’t need to see/read it again.


52/52: One Bite At A Time

I’ve had this book stored on my hard drive for a long, long time.  I finally took the opportunity to read through the different tasks over the break.  I’m familiar with most of the concepts even if we don’t practice them… yet.  (Although, I will likely never give up shampoo.  I’ve reduced my usage and I’m okay with that.)

52/52: Nobody’s Child


I used some Christmas iTunes money to buy this. It certainly wasn’t the best book I’ve read, but it was a good one for Christmas break. Think beach read, but a little darker.