April – May – June Photos


DSC_0511  Enjoying their baskets.

IMG_2338 Dyed eggs for breakfast.

IMG_2352  Big cousins playing.

Indy and BSU Visit:

IMG_2377 Indy Children’s Museum

IMG_2403 The glass sculpture.

IMG_2409 Thomas and I sitting in the lobby of my building at BSU.

Beverly Shores Cabin Trip:




Playing in May


IMG_2715 “So dirty!”

IMG_2900 This girl loves the water.

IMG_2944 Joey rocked his second season of soccer with MSA.  Go Italy!

Sunburst 2013 – My First 5k

IMG_2954 The back of the 5k pack.

IMG_2960 Katie and I after the race.  She was awesome and really encouraging when I wanted to pass out.

IMG_2968  My cheer squad!

The School Year Ended!  

IMG_2998 Our last morning.

IMG_3007 Joey and his teacher.

IMG_3003 IMG_3002 Grace with her teachers.

Playing in June:

IMG_3098 Strawberry picking.

IMG_3159 Visiting with A&C (college friends)… plus our 6 (!!) children. We had so much fun!

IMG_3119 Swimming and a cookout with our two favorite Dads on Father’s Day.

IMG_3090  Grace’s kindergarten backpack arrived.  We’ve made it a tradition in our family that once you’re in kindergarten you get a monogrammed backpack from LLBean in your choice of color.  With the lifetime guarantee, the backpack will last for years and the kids are finally big enough to carry the bag.  🙂

IMG_3113 Jon built a deck in the backyard.

IMG_3149 We bought a new table and chairs and have been eating outside as frequently as possible.

IMG_3167 Umbrella lights make for pretty at-home date nights.

IMG_3178  I made homemade lemonade for the first time.  So good.

Happy July!


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