We braved the cold, drizzly weather to attend the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade downtown last Saturday.  It was cold, but the kids had a great time collecting candy, seeing the bands, floats, and different animals (there were even llamas all decked out!).   We were even on TV, which thrilled the kids.  Per our tradition, we headed out for Mexican food after the parade.  I think we were the only people in South Bend, Irish or not, eating flautas instead of corned beef and cabbage but it’s fun and we never have to wait.

We ended the afternoon celebrating one of our favorite people, Tessie!  Love that girl (apparently so much that I forgot to take pictures of the party!).  Date night for us (Oz: The Great and Powerful and BW3s) and a sleep over for the kids with Grandma and Grandpa sealed it as a pretty awesome weekend.  Sunday, Grace and I went shopping with Jon’s mom to pick out some new things for Grace’s birthday.  That girl cracks me up.  She picked out her Easter dress at the first store and then got the rest of her stuff at the second.  We were in and out in less than two hours… including lunch!  #SoMyKid


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