We spent the better part of February battling a stomach virus, but we had fun trying to stay warm.

IMG_1973  Snowball fights.

IMG_2007  Library

IMG_1960  Baking

IMG_2071  Reading

IMG_1956  Helping with chores.  😉

IMG_1985  Hanging out.

IMG_2051  I got highlights!

IMG_2075  Joey completed the St. Jude’s “Math-A-Thon” challenge.  A big thank you to those of you who sponsored him!  We talked about how he was doing the different problems as a way to help sick children and what it would mean to those kids and their families.

IMG_1949   While most of the month was too cold for family excursions, we drove through Potato Creek State Park several times to check out the fields and lake.  It was really fun to point out the different landmarks to the kids and have them recognize how our favorite spots change during winter.

IMG_2042  The best part of February will always be our Thomas!  I cannot believe he’s two already.  Two?!? Unfortunately, he spent the better part of the week surrounding his birthday sick so we celebrated with dry pancakes.  A few weeks later we invited our neighbors over for dinner and cake to celebrate.  Thomas was a happy boy.  Happy birthday, littlest man!





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