With the start of the new year, our family enters into what we jokingly call “Birthday Season.”  Joey in January, Thomas in February, and Grace in March.  It’s actually ridiculously fun and we have put together little celebrations to make each month special (e.g., each kiddo gets to be the featured photo on my phone for their birthday month).


Here are a few photos from Joey’s 7th (7?!?) birthday.  He kept with his standard interests and asked for Star Wars Legos and Sea Creatures.

DSC_0280We got Joey a sperm whale to add to his collection of creatures.  It was a hit.   IMG_1813 After school, we went bowling with friends and had a GREAT time.

IMG_1818 We met Grandpa Dave at “The Hot Dog Place” to enjoy his free birthday hot dog.IMG_1893 A few days later we had a really fun party with his friends, including a pinata in 20* weather!  Jon won dad of the year in no time flat.


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