On October 1st we took the afternoon off and went to Thistleberry Farm to pick our pumpkins for the season. (Maybe I’m childish, but I still love to pick my own!) We had a really nice time (and met a really nice cat!) while we were there. Halloween came mid-week so we never got around to carving jack-o-lanterns which meant that the pumpkins decorated the porch through Thanksgiving. By November 30th, it was time for them to go so we had a pumpkin smashing party with our next door neighbors. (Inspired by Simple Kids.)

DSC_0284 Pre-smash.

DSC_0288 Getting ready!

DSC_0291 Thud.


While the kids didn’t have the daddy-powered strength of the Simple Kids playtime, we still managed to make a really big, slimy, gross mess (it got much messier than the last photo)! It was really fun to see the kids discover the interior of the pumpkins and play with the pieces. We ended the afternoon with pumpkin bit basketball into the trash bin and the squirrels feasted on the seeds.


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