We had a really wonderful Thanksgiving this year.  Last weekend, we spent the day with Jon’s family.  There were 7 kids under 10 running around so I didn’t get any pictures (imagine that!) but I’m pretty sure they had a great time with their cousins and making clove-studded orange Christmas ornaments.  (Unfortunately they were a little too clove happy and the oranges seeped everywhere. We’ll try again soon!)

We spent yesterday with my side of the family and had a lovely day.  Lots of good food and good conversation.  My sister Erin is a great photographer and her easy way of getting pictures always reminds me to slow down and catch a few moments with my own camera. In preparation for the dinner we made our first homemade pumpkin pie which turned out well! Once we were there the older cousins tried to make homemade butter but ended up spilling cream all over the deck (and each other!) before it turned to whipped cream.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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