Start of Summer!

The SBCSC finished on a Thursday, so to celebrate the end of the year I took a few days off.  It allowed me to attend both Bridging Day with Joey and the last day of school with Grace.  By Friday morning, we were ready to have some fun.  I debated going strawberry picking on Friday morning but thought better of taking three children out into the fields by myself.  (I couldn’t even hack it in the digital wilderness of the Oregon Trail let alone the real deal.)

We started the day at the zoo with a friend from work and her three kids.  You might not know her, but trust me, Amy of one of the funniest people ever.  If I’m going to be tackling a crowd of six (semi-cranky) kids in the summer heat she’s one of my top choices.  McDonald’s afterwards seemed to tidy up any crankiness.

After lunch, we headed home to grab our things and headed over to the Kennedy Park Water Playground for playtime with more of our favorite friends.  This was our first visit and it was awesome.  The pool starts at 0″ at both ends and never exceeds 18″ PLUS there are 4 lifeguards on duty keeping an eye on things.  The kids had a great time splashing, swimming, and sliding around on the play structures while I got to have some great conversations with Katie.

The first weekend in June is also the Greek Festival.  I don’t know what else to say except that it’s one of my favorite things about living in South Bend.  If we ever move away, I might just arrange our visits so that they fall during the festival weekend.  We ate, talked with friends, watched the kids take advantage of the 20′ slide and dance to the live music.  Good times.

Saturday we did our usual coffee and doughnuts run before heading up to Stovers to pick strawberries and sweet cherries.  It was blisteringly hot, but we had a fantastic time picking.  I’m pretty sure we ate as much as we brought home.

As it was also the DTSB summer movie night, we drove downtown to see WALL-E at the College Football Hall of Fame.  Of all the places we’ve done outdoor movies/events, this was surprisingly one of the best venues.  Parking was easy, the (weird) football turf was soft and comfortable, and the Chocolate Cafe was right next door with treats and indoor plumbing.

Sunday?  We rested.  🙂


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