End of School

Joey and Grace attend a Montessori school so moving from Kindergarten (early childhood) to 1st grade (lower elementary) is a big deal.  Most children have been in the same room with the same teacher and the same kids for three years.  Joey only attended for K so we didn’t feel the full weight of the transition, but it is still remarkable to see our little man ready to take on first grade.  In a simple way, it means moving upstairs but there will be a new level of expectations in terms of the academics and personal development.  That, and there is now video of the crazy adorable song that the kids sang.  We were lucky enough to grab seats with friends we have known since our teens to watch our boys “bridge” from EC to LE.

Bridging Day Song

The next day was the last day of school and it was so much fun!  Grace’s teacher invited parents to come have a snack, paint flower pots, see some of the works and say goodbye to the other children for summer.

There were definitely challenges and an adjustment as we transitioned into a public school family, but it was a good experience overall.  We are definitely making schooling choices on a year-by-year and kid-by-kid basis, but we’re already looking forward to next year.  In the meantime, how fun is this?  We’re already doing a little bit of this on our own, but it’s kind of cool to think about planning academic activities around our own interests.


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