“Your Kids Need to Hear Joy in the Lifestyle You’ve Chosen.”

I recently read this post at Modern Mrs. Darcy* and it really resonated with me. 

 Ironically, it’s about how she’s rediscovering the joy of homeschooling as a lifestyle choice when lately all I’ve done is gripe about not homeschooling.  I’ll mope about how the kids are in school and will certainly be enrolled next year because I don’t see our employment situation changing much before 2013.

 The thing is I know that if we worked really, really, really hard, we could do it.  Jon is working from home in the morning and I’m only working ½ days.  We could do it.  But would there be joy or just as much stress as when I was working full-time?  Sad as it may be, I think it would be lacking joy right now.

I’m content with the choice to utilize our public school.  It’s working for us and I think it’s high time to share the joy of our lifestyle rather than be sad about the “what could have been.”

*Modern Mrs. Darcy is a great blog.  I love the concept – how fun would it be to know a modern Elizabeth?

**I actually like the school they are attending.  They enjoy the Montessori experience and are obviously learning.  I know they are getting one of the best educational experiences available in our school corporation. 


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