I always loved reading, but stopped reading books for pleasure once I was in college.  Since graduating 5 years ago, I’ve mostly been reading blogs, websites, and other electronic media.  Last fall, my sister Sarah started a reading challenge to read 52 books in 52 weeks.  Erin quickly joined her, but I wasn’t up for it with a new baby and working fulltime.  Now that life is settling a little bit, I’m getting in on the action.  Sarah and Erin have each laid out their rules and a list of the books they’ve read.

My rules are fairly similar and simple:

1.  No set schedule within the year.  I must finish 52 distinct books between April 1, 2012 and March 31, 2013.  For me, a “book” can be adult fiction or non-fiction as well as adolescent/young adult novels.  I’m also including a few e-books that I have purchased.  I won’t have a set positing schedule, especially if I read a series (e.g., The Hunger Games).

2.  I’m probably going to re-read some books.  I read a fair number of books in the past that I simply don’t remember and I would like to read them as an adult.  That being said, no double dipping! Reading a book twice this upcoming year doesn’t count as two separate reads.


Sarah and Erin’s projects are well underway.  If you are interested in joining me that would be great, just make sure you play nice and  link back to Sarah to give her credit for the idea.  (In the meantime, you should check out their blogs!)


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