This post is long overdue, but when you lose the power cords for your laptop blogging ceases.  🙂

Birthday weekend started with our usual Friday movie night, but with a special flick.  We have been slowly introducing Joey to the Star Wars movies.  For the past year, he has only been allowed to watch Episode IV, with the promise that when he turned 6 he could watch Episode V.  His world was rocked when Darth Vader revealed himself to Luke.  It.  Was.  Awesome.

We enjoyed spending time with friends at Joey’s “Sea Creature” party, complete with candy sushi.  (One of my favorite pinterest executions to date.)

The following weekend, we took the train into Chicago to see the sea creatures at the Shedd Aquarium.  We’ve been to the aquarium before, but this was a really special visit because Joey has spent so much time learning the names of all the different creatures.  (It’s been an interest since he first saw “Finding Nemo” at 18 months old, but has really blossomed thanks to his perceptive librarian at school.  We have read all manner of sea books this year.)

Happy 6th birthday, Bean Burrito!


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