Casual Encounters

This blog is pretty G-Rated.  In fact, with three children 6 and under in the house our entire life is pretty G-rated.  So, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that I didn’t know that Craigslist has a “Casual Encounters” board.  Never crossed my mind even.

I was recently at Target, printing pictrues for Grace’s birthday book and chatting with my sister, when a stranger interrupted me to ask if I had an iPhone.  (Dude, it’s white.  Of course it’s an iPhone!)  He then proceeds to ask for help replying to an ad on Craigslist while I’m still talking to Sarah.  He was attempting to reply to a casual encounters ad of Craigslist.  The kicker?  His mother wheeled up on the motorized shopping cart saying she had tried to help him, but couldn’t figure it out.  GROSS!

So much for my attempt to keep tax dollars in South Bend… I’m heading to the Mishawaka Target from now on!



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