Pinned Down

Banana Ice Cream and fruit salsa.

I have seen the recipe for banana “ice cream” since this summer, but we never seem to have enough bananas on hand to make it.  After a few weird food days, I collected a stash and we made some ice cream!  It was surprisingly good and super creamy right out of the food processor.  (It was much less so after I froze it for a few hours in the freezer in case you decide to try it.)

 Creamy, fruity goodness whizzing around the bowl.

 Kitchen help.  After about 2 minutes, the food processor stops being interesting and it becomes necessary to wash dishes to pass the time.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the fruit salsa.  I cheated a bit and used frozen fruit (mixed berries and mango) pureed with honey.  We served it with pita chips at Joey’s birthday party and then drizzled it on the banana ice cream a few days later.  Good stuff!


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