Look what was hiding on the memory card!

It’s been a busy few months!  While things here have been quiet, we have certainly not slowed down.  Here are the highlights from Fall 2011:

Joey started kindergarten this year.  He has done quite well and LOVES his school.

We took advantage of the prairie maze at Potato Creek State Park.

We tore down some walls in our back hall to make a new closet (known as the mudroom).

We went apple picking with our friends and neighbors.

Took the obligatory “not-really-mad face” photo during a trip to the FW Zoo with Jon’s family.  (80* in October!)

We picked pumpkins.

We went to Zoo Boo.  (Jon is Clark Kent.  It was an awesome costume.)

Carved pumpkins and went trick-or-treating with our neighborhood friends.

Played.  A lot.  (I think they look a little Bonnie and Clyde here.)

We happily welcomed Izaak into the family!

We had fun preparing for Christmas!


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