Menu Plan Monday

I’ve been menu planning for years, but recently discovered that there is a menu planning movement out there.  As a (normally) working mom, I have streamlined menu planning even more by doing seasonal planning.  Twice a year I plan 4 weeks worth of dinners and recycle them for about 6 months.  April-September we eat lighter fare with more emphasis on grilling and seasonal veggies.  October-March it’s a bit heavier on the comfort foods.  As I’m planning, I keep certain themes.  Monday, year round, is breakfast night.  We always have some sort of sandwich on Tuesdays.  Pizza on Fridays.

One benefit has been that I can almost guarantee that we will spend about $100/week on groceries (including laundry detergent, personal care items, etc.).  With the recent spike in food prices, this hasn’t been the case (I’m spending closer to $150 each week), but it’s generally a nice stable line item for our budget.  I’m crossing my fingers that the rumors I’ve heard that food prices will go down as the summer growing season hits are true!

Anyway, here’s what’s on the menu this week:

Monday: French Toast + fruit smoothies

Tuesday: Spinach Quesadillas + salad

Wednesday: Grilled chicken sandwiches + green beans

Thursday: BBQ Pork chops + grilled corn on the cob

Friday: Pizza night!

Saturday: Easter with Jon’s family

Sunday: Easter with my family


One thought on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. I used to do the seasonal thing and had, in fact set up a plan a month or so agao but we’ve had so much going on it has been pointless to try and stick to it so we are back to planning a week at a time.

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