Project: Simplify

This is way late, but I did want to mark the occasion anyway.  I watched most of Project: Simplify through a newborn-induced haze, but we did pull it together for the final week.  The area we chose to address was our finances.  Since December, we have had both a minivan and an SUV.  Jon kept the minivan to use with the kids and I took the SUV for work, but it was overkill for the 10 minute drive.  (It was, I admit, wonderful to have during the multiple blizzards we were hit with during January-February.)  Well, last Tuesday we sold it!

April 5, 2011

With the profits, we paid off the loan and are saving the rest to buy, with cash, a smaller car for me to take to work.  We’ve simplified our life a little more without that extra debt hanging over our heads.  Yay!


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