We had a really nice weekend.  Jon was out of town on Friday and Saturday, so we did a modified movie night with Grandma and Aunt Sarah!  Nemo, takeout, and that’s about it.  🙂  Kids went to bed, I watched a movie, and had a really nice evening.

Saturday we took a trip to West End Bakery.  Best doughnuts ever.  Seriously.  It’s a good thing they are all the way in Mishawaka otherwise we’d all end up huge and diabetic.  The kids get a huge kick out of the trip to the bakery.  They love looking at the treats, seeing all the people (it’s always jumping), and Joey gets to hand over the money.  It’s  a nice way to spend Saturday mornings.  🙂  I took a different way home yesterday and stumbled upon the Mishawaka farmer’s market.  The kids had a great time looking at the different booths and were even treated to a free banana by one of the vendors!  We didn’t stay long due to the cold, but will visit again soon!


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