• I’ve noticed a significant increase in his coordination.  Much less clutzy pre-schooler and more little boy.  It’s really fun to watch him work the playgrounds around here.
  • His memory is amazing.  We drove past a park we visited last year (and haven’t talked about since as far as I know) and he totally remembered being there.  (Including very specific details about a dog we saw.)
  • Is determined to be a police officer when he grows up.  (Unless he’s a doctor.  Or an architect.  Or a speech pathologist.)  He eagerly points out each and every police car we pass (which is very helpful for lead-foot mommy!).  A co-worker of mine asked us to color some pages to decorate the Mishawaka Police Department for Officer Appreciate week in May and Joey was THRILLED.  So much so that we will likely go help put the pictures up so he can see the station.


  • Talking like crazy right now!  She consistently strings three words together (“too much traffic” and “pick it up mommy”) and her vocabulary is exploding with new words.
  • She loves books and has a set of 4 books she would like to read before bed each night (Very Hungry Caterpillar, Panda Bear, Brown Bear, and How Do I Love You?).  It’s fun to hear her anticipate the plot as I turn the pages.
  • A little bit of a picky eater right now.  After two weekends of Easter treats she has developed quite a sweet tooth and isn’t so much interested in our savory offerings.
  • Based on the above, we have quite a few confrontations re: food which lead to crying fits.  She moans, cries, and generally carries on until we talk her out of the drama.  The funny thing about Grace is that she will continue to cry and roll around the floor even if someone comes to the door.  Not bothered by an audience!  🙂

They are both so much fun right now.  As much as Jon and I want to add to our family, I am enjoying this time of watching the two of them grow together as a little set.


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