Small Update

Oh my.  It’s been OVER A MONTH since I updated here.  Pitiful!  Thankfully, I keep up with the Twitter updates.  🙂

Both kids are growing like weeds, talking up a storm, creating the most adorable “art” and just being the awesome kids they are.  Both are super excited to see that Spring has arrived and have been enjoying outside play time at school and home.  Joey is super excited about trying out his new bike outside and loves that he doesn’t have to ride in the stroller anymore on our evening walks.  (We take a walk 4-5 nights each week for as much of the year as we can.)

Tuesday I took a family day.  The kids and I went to story hour at the library before picking out some books for home.  I LOVE taking them to the library, so it was nice to have the whole morning available to do just that.  🙂  I’d love to work less (or not at all!), but I appreciated the day and we all went back to our regularly scheduled selves yesterday morning a little happier.


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